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masterupdate js libsFélix Sipma2 months
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2021-07-14update js libsHEADmasterFélix Sipma1
2021-06-08css: improve Financeurs layoutFélix Sipma1
2021-06-07img: add logosFélix Sipma4
2021-06-07update cssFélix Sipma1
2021-06-07content: add financeursFélix Sipma1
2021-06-03scss: smaller background imageFélix Sipma1
2021-06-03move from fork-awesome to bootstrap-icons for iconsFélix Sipma7
2021-06-03update js libsFélix Sipma1
2021-06-03scss: improve background-image display on small screensFélix Sipma1
2021-04-04update hugo to 0.80.0Félix Sipma1