BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
plasma5use plasma 5 location for ServiceMenus files on linuxFélix Sipma6 years
6.20171003commit e7a9ed330f...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170925commit 76c9b580b3...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170818commit 252994e095...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170520commit e4100fd60e...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170519commit c6079c3ce8...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170510commit 884505279a...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170321commit 464291243c...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170301.1commit a9e1e17d40...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170301commit 254b57aef7...Joey Hess6 years
6.20170228commit 444278156c...Joey Hess6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2017-10-18use plasma 5 location for ServiceMenus files on linuxplasma5Félix Sipma2
2017-10-17(no commit message)https://launchpad.net/~barthelemy1
2017-10-16poll vote (/sdcard/annex)
2017-10-16Revert "new Win32 fails to build; fall back to old one"Joey Hess1
2017-10-16log ghc versionJoey Hess1
2017-10-16new Win32 fails to build; fall back to old oneJoey Hess1
2017-10-16avoid cloning xss-sanitize when clone already existsJoey Hess1
2017-10-16try working around strange cabal install bug for xss-sanitizeJoey Hess1
2017-10-16windows autobuilder no longer firewalledJoey Hess1
2017-10-16link to bugJoey Hess1