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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+ date="2017-10-10T17:23:14Z"
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+The write bit is necessary so that the files can be opened in write mode to
+lock them. Normally the write bit is temporarily enabled and then disabled
+for locking, but in a shared repository, some other user may own the file,
+which prevents the user from changing its permissions.
+Similarly, the parent directory is not made unwritable in a shared
+repository, because other users won't be able to temporarily flip the write
+bit on when making changes.
+[[!commit 0d432dd1a4f718225c4192d0834a4e0a34b3e4bd]] used the latter as a
+rationalle to allow the former.
+I suppose it could use separate lock files from the content file,
+as is already done in direct mode. However interaction between different
+versions of git-annex with different ideas about locking could result in
+`git annex drop` losing data.