BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterserver: ignore empty images in RottenTomatoes handlerFélix Sipma7 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
7 daysserver: ignore empty images in RottenTomatoes handlerHEADmasterFélix Sipma3
7 daysclient-web frontend: fix offset css bugFélix Sipma1
7 daysclient-web frontend: improve display on xs devicesFélix Sipma1
2017-12-19minor hlint fixesFélix Sipma1
2017-12-19hlint fixesFélix Sipma8
2017-12-19upgrade to lts-10.0Félix Sipma9
2017-12-13client-web: use servant-purescript- and purescript-bridge-élix Sipma4
2017-12-12update stack-dev.yamlFélix Sipma1
2017-12-12upgrade to lts-9.18Félix Sipma1
2017-12-12client-web frontend: update nodejs librariesFélix Sipma2