BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterclient-web frontend: upgrade psc-package snapshotFélix Sipma7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2018-04-02client-web frontend: upgrade psc-package snapshotHEADmasterFélix Sipma1
2018-04-02client-web frontend: use npm bin in MakefileFélix Sipma1
2018-03-09server: set timeout to 120sFélix Sipma1
2018-03-09client: create module Hoarder.Client.ConfigFélix Sipma4
2018-03-09hoarder-server: put the http Manager in ServerConfigFélix Sipma3
2018-02-13update ghc flagsFélix Sipma2
2018-02-13fix Semigroup => Monoid warningsFélix Sipma3
2018-02-13upgrade to lts-10.5Félix Sipma2
2018-02-13update ghc flagsFélix Sipma6
2018-01-26client-web frontend: replace bower by psc-packageFélix Sipma6