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reorder modules; add Maybe ShoppingCartItem argument to Handler.Shop.itemForm
* create Shop * rename Handler.Order to Handler.ShoppingCartItem * rename Image.Field to Shop.Image.Fields * rename Image.Upload to Shop.Image.Functions * rename Money.Fields to Shop.Money.Fields * rename Money.Types to Shop.Money.Types * rename Unit to Shop.Unit.Types * rename Handler.Order.quantityIntField to Shop.Quantity.Fields.quantityField * add Maybe ShoppingCartItem argument to Handler.Shop.itemForm * ShoppingCartItem model: remove "UniqueOrderItem customer item", add "paid Bool default=False"
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diff --git a/Model.hs b/Model.hs
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--- a/Model.hs
+++ b/Model.hs
@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ import Data.Text (Text)
import Database.Persist.Quasi
import Data.Typeable (Typeable)
import Data.Time (UTCTime)
-import Unit
-import Money.Types (Amount)
+import Shop.Unit.Types (Unit)
+import Shop.Money.Types (Amount)
-- You can define all of your database entities in the entities file.
-- You can find more information on persistent and how to declare entities