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* Model.Amount: set amountReader to type Reader AmountFélix Sipma2015-04-301
* Model.Amount: use DecimalFélix Sipma2015-04-302
* Model.UTCTime: use %d instead of %e when formatting datetimesFélix Sipma2015-01-301
* Model.UTCTime: use Text instead of StringFélix Sipma2015-01-301
* Model.UTCTime: renderIntervalFélix Sipma2015-01-301
* Model.UTCTime: renderAsDateTime without secondsFélix Sipma2015-01-301
* Model.Quantity: use finiteBitSize instead of bitSize (base >=élix Sipma2014-12-171
* add DeliveryFélix Sipma2014-12-111
* move Shop.Place.Functions inside Model.PointFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* move Shop.Place.Types to Model.PointFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* move Shop.Unit.Types to Model.UnitFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* move Shop.Quantity.Types to Model.QuantityFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* move Shop.Amount.Types to Model.AmountFélix Sipma2014-12-061