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* Drop system-filepath and system-fileioFélix Sipma2015-05-141
* Shop.Image.Functions: use (++) instead of Data.Text.appendFélix Sipma2014-12-181
* move Shop.Image.Fields to Form.Fields.ImageFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* lintFélix Sipma2014-12-031
* settings: use media-dir instead of media-pathFélix Sipma2014-12-021
* hlintFélix Sipma2014-12-022
* big scaffolding updateFélix Sipma2014-12-012
* media-path setting + delete old image after resizingFélix Sipma2014-07-171
* forms: upload new image or select one in user imagesFélix Sipma2014-07-072
* Shop.Quantity.Types; cartField; use PixelSize; lint;Félix Sipma2014-07-012
* Shop.Image.Functions: random + errorsFélix Sipma2014-04-231
* use system-filepath instead of filepath for ImageFélix Sipma2014-04-231
* reorder modules; add Maybe ShoppingCartItem argument to Handler.Shop.itemFormFélix Sipma2014-03-132