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* add Handler.UserFélix Sipma2015-03-241
* Model.Shop: add location fieldFélix Sipma2015-03-241
* shopPlaceDeliveryListAdminFélix Sipma2015-03-231
* models: add amount field to CartFélix Sipma2015-03-161
* Import.NoFoundation: add Model.UTCTimeFélix Sipma2015-03-151
* Form.Delivery: add deliveryComboFormFélix Sipma2015-01-311
* Form.ShopDelivery: do not show deliveries which are already associated to a g...Félix Sipma2015-01-301
* use ShopDelivery instead of Shop in ItemFélix Sipma2015-01-302
* lintFélix Sipma2014-12-191
* Handler.ShopDeliveryFélix Sipma2014-12-181
* add Widget.ItemFélix Sipma2014-12-181
* Handler.DeliveryPlaceFélix Sipma2014-12-111
* add DeliveryFélix Sipma2014-12-111
* add Widget.RegisterFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* add Widget.ShopFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* add Widget.Place and Form.PlaceFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* add Widget.Image and Form.ImageFélix Sipma2014-12-061
* put navbar in Widget.NavbarFélix Sipma2014-12-061