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* Model.Shop: add location fieldFélix Sipma2015-03-241
* remove unused mokupona.css static fileFélix Sipma2014-12-051
* remove external static filesFélix Sipma2014-12-0520
* PlaceFélix Sipma2014-12-027
* remove normalize.css (included in bootstrap.css); add empty mokupona.cssFélix Sipma2014-10-162
* angular.min.js.mapFélix Sipma2014-10-161
* add static angular.min.jsFélix Sipma2014-10-041
* add bootstrap.css.mapFélix Sipma2014-10-031
* upgrade jquery to 1.11.1Félix Sipma2014-10-033
* upgrade bootstrap to 3.2.0Félix Sipma2014-10-036
* add debug file jquery-1.10.2.min.mapFélix Sipma2014-03-131
* ImagesFélix Sipma2013-12-062
* glyphicons, improve Login in navbarFélix Sipma2013-11-196
* upgrade bootstrap to 3.0.2Félix Sipma2013-11-191
* add bootstrap navbar with login/logout formFélix Sipma2013-11-192
* yesod initial commitFélix Sipma2013-11-094