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masterRevert "atom: use 'source > updated' instead of 'updated' if available"Félix Sipma2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2020-12-14Revert "atom: use 'source > updated' instead of 'updated' if available"HEADmasterFélix Sipma1
2020-12-08atom: use 'source > updated' instead of 'updated' if availableFélix Sipma1
2020-12-08upgrade to lts-16.25Félix Sipma10
2020-01-23python filters: bump version numbersFélix Sipma4
2020-01-23convert python filters to python3Félix Sipma4
2019-08-08Filter: use Text instead of String for filter command line argumentsFélix Sipma1
2019-08-07upgrade stackage to lts-14.0Félix Sipma2
2019-08-07try to catch Filter buffers closing errorsFélix Sipma1
2019-08-07convert ddt-sdrea.py to python3Félix Sipma1
2019-01-23upgrade to lts-13.4: add MonadFail constraintsFélix Sipma5