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masteradd TODOFélix Sipma5 years
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2018-08-09add TODOHEADmasterFélix Sipma1
2018-08-09add worpress_pluginFélix Sipma3
2017-07-17touch messages files when buildingFélix Sipma4
2017-07-12server: use only paid charges (failed charges are counted otherwise)Félix Sipma1
2017-06-30client: set variant title and message in tiny-crowdfunding.jsonFélix Sipma6
2017-06-30client: fix stripe bug + variant selection bugFélix Sipma1
2017-06-30client: add default message for variant selectionFélix Sipma4
2017-06-30add gift variantsFélix Sipma8
2017-06-29server: use charges instead of balance to get total amountFélix Sipma1
2017-06-25client css: put .tc-intro div in a boxFélix Sipma1