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masterrelease v0.2Félix Sipma9 months
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2019-02-04release v0.2HEADmasterFélix Sipma1
2019-02-04add headers supportFélix Sipma2
2019-02-04convert to python3Félix Sipma1 report errors encounteredFélix Sipma1
2016-11-28add safer-rhone-alpes.pyFélix Sipma2
2016-11-28allow arguments in format_html_commandFélix Sipma1
2016-07-04add version number in source fileFélix Sipma1
2016-07-04get page by config section name in db (API change)Félix Sipma1
2016-07-04add POST with dataFélix Sipma1
2016-05-13try againFélix Sipma1